Tuesday, 24 February 2009

What France again ?.

Yesterday I went to collect the boys. As most of you will know this means flying to France for the day and then flying back in the evening. Last time I did this I felt quite rough, so I stayed in the airport. The idea of doing this again bought me out in cold sweats. So yesterday I got the bus into Basel. It was great to be back there again, but of course not as nice as when Wendy was with me last time. I decided to visit the zoo. It is the only zoo in the world that is in the centre of a city. I found myself in the queue at the ticket office. I had drawn 50CHf from the cash machine and this was in one note. I handed it to the lady and said 'One please' she gave me the ticket and some change. I picked it up and left the line. When I looked she had given me chnage of a twenty. I pushed back in and asked for the rest of my money. She seemed quite shocked, I thought that she would think about it and give me my change. No they did a compleate audit of the till and told me to return after I had looked at the animals. So off I went. They have a wonderful collection. Here so pictures, they were taken on my phone so they are not great.

And the last one was some wolves eating a shop lifter that had been caught in the town.
I returned to the ticket office, and the lady was very sorry and handed my money back to me. I told her 'no one gets one over on a cockney boy'. (Joking - but I did think it).

Anyway after that I wandered to Starbucks and made my way to the old town. There are some very funky shops in Basel, both clothes and interiors. After about four hours I made my way back to the airport. With an hour or so to fill I watched In Bruges on my phone. What a cracking film. Colin Farrell is fantastic in it. I was laughing out loud in the Swiss zector, getting some very funny looks. The boys arrived, we checked in, got the plane, landed and we were back indoors eighteen and a half hours after I had left. And I am going back next week. Perhaps I will go back to the zoo with a hundred..........

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