Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Paris....Part II

We spent the afternoon wandering around the shops. It was warm and sunny, and the streets were full of people shopping. Wendy found a great pair of boots in a shop called Eden Shoes. The sale's assistant asked " Are they for a young girl ?'. ..... she got them anyway.
We fancied a coffee, so I typed 'Starbucks' into my iphone and it guided us to one in a lovely arcade,now that is progress. I thought that it would be nice to go and see the Mona Lisa as the last time I saw her was about thirty years ago (shit that's frightening). So off we set for the Louvre. She was as impressive as ever, I think she has worn better than me. On the way out Wendy
spotted this lady and said she looks as if she is saying 'Are these your pants on the floor ?. Do you think that I should pick them up ?.'We walked back to the station and on the way found a great bookshop, it sells American and English books. Expensive, but very nice.The train got us back in no time, and after resting our feet we decided to go out for dinner. We chose Leon, Wendy had some sort of Belgian stew and I went for some mussels and frites, we both had rather too much Belgian beer...... a great restaurant if you see one, jump in.

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