Saturday, 24 January 2009

Lovely day......

We have had a lovely day. We went to Brighton to see a bed and have a wander around the Lanes. The bed was rejected as there was too much damage, it was a deal, half price. But we both agreed that we could not live with it. But all was not lost as they had another bed that was nicer and a rather lovely dining table.

After that was out of the way we headed into town, parked the car and made our way to the Lanes. The shops here never fail to draw you to their windows looking at all the rings and for me the watches. I have spotted a nice watch that is expensive, but I was convincing myself that it is a bargain. We went back three times to have a look at it. We had a light but tasty lunch at the Love fit cafe in Brighton Square.

Finally we went to Comet to try and put an end to my television dilemma. And I can report that it is at an end. We had a good assistant that ran us through all the various sets (are they still called that ?) and we have settled on a Samsung 40" series 8. The picture is quite unbelievable, we watched some rugby and it was as if you could touch the players. So that is sorted. I am sure everyone was waiting with bated breath........

On the way home we stopped at Waitrose to buy some wine that I had seen on Saturday Breakfast on BBC1 this morning. We were hunting around the wine section, looking through all the whites. There was a security guard standing there watching us. He looked at us and said "Are you looking for the wine off the tele this morning ?". Following with "It's all gone, we were sold out by 11 o'clock, more in on Tuesday". So you know where we will be on Tuesday.

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