Wednesday, 9 April 2008


One of the things I will not miss about London is the price of coffee. It has become something of a habit while I am out to have a coffee as I walk along the street. If you had said five years ago that I would be spending on somedays £5 for two cups of coffee,I would have said you were mad.

A tall (smallest) latte in Starbucks now costs £2.00 -2.50€. It's cost is broken down like this :

Cup, Lid, Sugar, Napkin,Stirrer 8.5 pence
Milk 12 pence
COFFEE 4 pence
Labour 38 pence
Rent 27 pence
Admin 52 pence
VAT 30 pence
Profit 28.5 pence

We have started using Cafe Nero as they have a loyalty card, nine cups and the tenth is free.

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