Sunday, 6 April 2008

What a carve up.....

I have just got back from the protest in Trafalgar Square. I must say that I am amazed just how much the whole thing was manipulated in favour of China.

When anyone with a 'Free Tibet' banner stood anywhere they may attract attention, a number of pro games people with much larger banners would stand in front of them and block them out. Further to this two policemen would then place themselves behind the Tibet banner holder.

Then on down Whitehall, where I saw a man shout out 'Free Tibet' and run at the flame, he was bundled to the ground by the police and dragged off.I spoke with one man and he said that from the accents of the Chinese people you could tell that they had been flown in on mass to support the games, and out number the protesters. Just goes to show how much people are prepared to go to for the money the games will generate.

But on my way back to the car, I was pleased to see that Health and Safety had made their mark on Horseguards parade. They have put signs besides the horses warning that they may bite or kick. They have been there since 1641 without signs. The horses must be more naughty now !

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