Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Roxy roller disco.....NYC

I was painting the kitchen today, and listening
to Robert Elms on the radio. He was talking about
rollerblading. As I was rollering the ceiling my
mind drifted back to the seventies when I worked in
New York City. The guy who I was sharing an apartment
with and I would go skating at The Roxy
It was such a blast,the loudest music that we had ever
heard and disco balls and lights everywhere. We would
hire skates and just skate around in a circle all
night,getting very sweaty.We then moved on to buying
skates and going all over Manhattan,getting pulled
over by the police all the time. When they heard our
accents they just laughed and said"'we were mad".

My next phase was dressing as a cowboy. I made friends
with a chap who had opened a shop on Madison Avenue just
down from where our shop was. His name was Billy Martin.

I bought everything from him boots,belts and hats even
rodeo gloves. When I was out one day I noticed a bar
called Cowboys and Cowgirls. I thought O wow I will
come here this evening and have a drink with like minded
people. So I went home and showered and got into my togs
and set off. When I got there and walked in,it was quite
crowded.I ordered a beer and was standing at the bar. When
I looked a little closer I realised that there were in fact no
cowgirls to be seen anywhere,well it was New York in
the seventies. I finished my beer and went home to get
my skates......

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