Sunday, 29 July 2007


While I was walking around Putney I found myself
outside Holdsworth Cycles. As I stood there a weird
feeling came over me. When I was about seven,a group
of us would cycle over from Fulham and just stand
and look in the window of this shop. Nothing changed
much from week to week, but we went every Saturday.
We all watched as the big boys arrived on their racing
bikes and we studied the wheels the gears, even the

When I got older it was one of the best feeling ever
to walk in the shop and buy a bike. I still have her.
She will be in my life forever. I look at her and get
a funny feeling inside. I waited so long to have a bike
with that name on the frame. Is that weird ?.

It was nice looking in the window again today. A tangible
link with the past and very happy memories.

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