Thursday, 2 August 2007

Out and about in the west end.......

I went up west today. It is always nice to have
a little walk around. I went first to an old project
that I had worked on,and saw all the friends I made
there. I felt a little out of place, although I was
made most welcome. When I left I had a walk to the National
Gallery to see my old mate Whistlejacket
I always pop into see him when I am nearby,even if it's for
just a few minutes.
Then when I came out there was a young lady swinging
around from a scaffold.

Her top came off as she unwound, I of course had put my
camera away.
Then off to Neal's Yard to buy some cheese. I decided to get some Stinking Bishop.
I was going to walk home, but outside Fortnum & Mason I saw a
22 bus coming, so I ran and got on. I went upstairs and took
a seat at that back. All of a sudden this smell hit me. Cor I
thought what is that?. Then I remembered the Stinking Bishop.
I am sure people were staring at me.

I had to get off the bus early in the King's Road and walk.
Then I was whisked off to France for some reason when I saw
these in the window of The Bluebird.

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