Friday, 29 June 2007


On Wednesday Wendy and I were laying on the bed. She
lifted herself up onto one arm and said "Let's go to
Germany". I laughed at the thought of just getting up
and going to another country, again.

So we got ready and left for Freiburg. It took about
an hour and half to get there. And after another hour
of looking for a Walmart,where Wendy wanted to get some
peanut butter chocolates. We could not find it at all.
So we headed into town. Found a car park. And started to
look around. I was pleased to see that there was a Starbucks.

We went in and Wendy ran to the loo,giving me her purse as she
went.Wendy has all the change in her purse. I got to the front
of the queue and ordered two mochas.The chap said"seven euros please"
his face when I lifted the purse up and got the money out was a
picture.Then he asked"What is your first name?". "Martin" I said
wondering why he would want to know. "For Martin,two mochas to drink in"
he said to the other guy on the coffee machine.

We left,and had a look around. We both came to the same conclusion
Freiburg is a little boring. There are all the same things,Cathedral
old houses, little squares. But for some reason it did just not click.
We looked at the menus outside restaurants,we did not understand a
thing. So we decided to have a bratwurst in the square.

This was very very nice.
More walking and still no vibe. So we thought that we would go home.
Wendy took this picture of me without me knowing. I did not need
a walking stick before I met Wendy....

When we got back we went to see some friends, the "donks" that live
near Wendy's house.

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