Friday, 29 June 2007

Back to London....

Well I am back in London. This last trip to see Wendy
was a blast. We did so much. On Saturday we went to
Zurich, and stayed in a nice hotel in Oerlikon which
is a surburb of the city. We went for a walk thinking
that we were in fact in the city and were at a loss as
to where everything was. I kept saying that the railway
station was the main one for Zurich, Wendy kept saying
"no Martin, this is too small". Anyway we saw some girls
eating lunch in their car and asked if they knew the way
to the centre. The answer was to get a train. One of the
girls came over to the ticket machine and helped us buy
two return tickets. I have mentioned about the trains in
a previous post.

Once in Zurich we had a good walk around, a very nice city.
We had lunch in an Italian restaurant, which was very nice.
Beers were consumed.

We made our way back to the hotel in the early evening.

We were up early,for us on the Sunday as we were going to meet
msmac at Rapperswil
for a tour and lunch. We met up with msmac and started our tour.
We walked along the board walk that takes you right out into Lake
Zurich,the water is so clear and you can see quite large fish.
We went up to the castle and had a look around.There is what looks a
quite good restaurant in the keep.
By this time tummies were rumbling, so we headed down the steps to
the rose garden of the monastery.

The scent on some of the roses were fantastic.
We turn decided that food was needed.We chose one called La Scala.
We ordered anti pasto for three and some beers.The beers arrived
but the food was not forth coming. A basket of bread arrived.
No food. We waited over an hour for a cold dish. This is what arrived.

I must point out that Wendy had already started to eat this, but
the content was abysmal.One slice of Parma ham half a mozzarella
sun dried tomatoes and green and black olives.
The big shock came with the presentation of the bill. Each plate
was listed at CHf23 ...words were spoken by msmac, and one plate
was taken off the bill. I don't think we will return.
We left and followed msmac back to her villa in the mountains for
a beer, which was fun, then back to France. A great weekend.

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