Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Another person with another birthday

On Sunday I went to Brick Lane. It had been
a while since I had been up there.

I had a walk around all my old haunts this
being one

While I was in there I noticed a pretty girl looking at
the coffee pots. She picked a box up and approached the
counter. The chap started doing the bill, and commented
that the machine she had bought was a very good one.

She replied "Yes it's a birthday present to myself". He
said "Happy birthday". I was hovering around looking at
Janet & John reading books, and she said "Yes this time
of year I take a week off work and spoil myself,because
I was on one of the trains that were blown up on 7/7.

So here was another person with two birthdays. I smiled
and left the shop.

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