Monday, 26 March 2007

My first Meme........

Wendz tagged me for this........ my first.

Three things that scare me
People who are not scared.
Being stuck in a lift with a nymphomanic and she does not fancy me.
Someone stealing my clothes while I am swimming.

Three people who make me laugh
Jerry Sienfeld ( never fails )
Jeff Bridges in The Big Lewbowski
Ricky Gervais

Three things I love
My Godchildren
The sea
The smell of fresh cut grass.

Three things I hate
Drunk drivers
Men who hit women

Three things I don't understand
Any foreign langauge
The station announcer on Fulham Broadway station.

Three things on my desk
A pot of pens
An Ikea catalogue
Two sound stick speakers

Three things that I'm doing right now
Eating an apple ( organic )
Looking out of the window at a plane fly into heathrow
Looking at an easyjet timetable.

Three things I want to do before I die
Climb Mt Everest
Have sex in a very posh hotel with lovely crisp sheets and lots of champagne.
Ride a Harley Davidson from New York to Los Angeles.

Three things I can do
Ride a motorcycle fast
Cook quite well

Three things I can't do
Resist a gorgeous girl
Use windows XP ( I am an apple person, cut me and I have pips )

Three things you should listen to
Pergolesi's stabat mater
Your parents, they do know what they are on about.
Your heart

Three things you should never listen to
Negative voices in your head
Any speech given by Tony Blair

Three things I would like to learn
To fly a plane
To understand Freud

Three favourite foods
Pie and mash ( a London dish )
Tartiflette with hot crusty bread and fresh green salad.
Roast chicken with all the trimmings

Three bevarages I drink regularly
Grande latte from cafe nero ( sometimes with white chocolate )
Red wine ( perhaps too much )
Tropicana orange juice with the bits left in.

Three shows I watched as a kid
Blue Peter
Monty Pyton's flying circus
Hawaii Five O


Wendz said...

Zut alors! Tu ne comprends pas le francais? Flute!

I'll have one of those lattes, with white choccie, ta!

But will pass on having sandy waves wash into my va-jay-jay...internal exfoliation is not for me. ;)

martin said...

One latte coming up........extra chocolate
What about if I find one with pebbles........?

martin said...

Aucun je ne comprends pas le français du tout.

Wendz said...

Ha ha ha ha ha - that's a bad bad translator you have there..hee hee hee...

ps will pass on the pebbles too.

Z said...

Ooh, I just tagged you for the same meme.

I've changed it.

I didn't know you were an apple as well. That makes a pair of us.

Z said...

I mean, I've altered it to tag someone else. In case you wondered what I meant.