Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Where's the spark ?

Today in London there is a minor uproar about a chap who skied down the longerst escalator in the world at The Angel underground station. It has been posted on youtube, the link is below. What it has made me think about is that there is
such a fuss being made, about something so splendid. Now don't get me wrong I do believe in a time and place, but the
chap had someone at the bottom, stopping people going up. So no one was put in danger. The British Transport police have said they want to question the skier, and there may be charges. We are living in an age when free spirit is being crushed. The spark of adventure and risk is a no no. I say more power to the people who climb buildings and jump off, hoping the parachute opens, and more power to the skier of The Angel station, I bet he enjoyed his starbucks after............


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Fab to watch it after a long day at work. Reminds me of being a child and sliding down the bannisters at school.

Heartily agree with your statement regarding risk and free spiritedness.

Let's 'aaave it!

Female Lurker,London.

P.S. I am actually Wendz's lurker (yet to comment there) and also an ESL Teacher. (Hi Wendz)
Innit! ;-)

Wendz said...

Oh well this is a first - MY lurker comments HERE. Pffft! ;)

Now listen up Martin from Sea View Cottage...mentioning bagels and Starbucks in the same week is just NOT on....are you trying to torture me?

Oh hang on...your post..yes - nice video. Go Sliding Man Go!

martin said...

Lurker, As always you are welcome, and you live in London, the mystery deepens.......

Wendz I would not toture you for the world, hence forth no mention of unobtainable goods( for you) in my blog. Perhaps when you're in London ?.

Anonymous said...

What can I say Wendz? I love your blog best? ('coz I do!)

Mystery, Me? Hmmm.....I'm : single, just beat Wendz in age (just) and gorgeous, of course. What mystery?


I just like your writing style!

martin said...

Well there is no mystery at all then !. You're single gorgeous and live in London, that narrows it right down..........................