Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Well we had our first bottle from our 15 euro half box last night. It was ok, but we have had better. It's a little weak and does have a bitter finish. But then for 3 odd euros a bottle what did we expect ?. We will finish the other five bottles.

When we arrived the people who own the house left us a bottle of wine to welcome us. Chateau Malesan 2007. We opened it on the first night and we both enjoyed it immensely. Rich and smooth with a silky finish. Nice people leaving us such a fine wine. The next day we were shopping in SuperU and I saw it on the shelf. It was priced at 3€90. It has now gone up to 4€, but we will be taking home a few cases to Bexhill. They have it in Carrefour also, so if in France beat a path there and try a bottle (or two ).

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