Wednesday, 9 September 2009


This morning I plugged the phone in to charge, as it had run down yesterday. It made the little beep to let you know that it was happy and having a feed. After about two minutes the sound went to let us know that a text had arrived. Wendy rushed across and picked it up, "Don't get excited Wendy,it will only be from Virgin trying to sell us something" I said. How wrong I was. It was from the visa dept, telling Wendy that her papers are ready for collection. There is no indication to whether she has been granted the wedding visa, or not. She searched on the web site with her tracking number, all it says is 'Papers ready for collection'.

So today we have been to the station in Granville, booked two tickets for Paris tomorrow to go and get the papers and see what the position is. Tense is not the word. If the visa is in the passport, we can leave for home. Which in someways is lovely, but we have rented the house for two months. We have been here six days. But hey ho must no grumble, that's if the answer is the one we want.
Who knows in the next couple of weeks we may be at Brighton Registry office booking a wedding. That's where the real fun will start. Fingers crossed. Paris here we come.

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