Saturday, 5 September 2009


Well we are ensconced in our rented house in Normandy. Wendy has handed her application ( the size of a small town's phone book ) in for the wedding visa  and now we just have to wait.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Today we went to visit the Bayeux  tapestry. I had studied it while at school as a project, I even got presented a book about it  for my efforts. To see it close up was a real treat. Seventy metres long and every stitch tells a part of the story. We thought that maybe some of the men in the scenes may have walked through our garden in Bexhill, before the shed was there and the fences.

Then we headed for Omaha beach. I had always wanted to visit to see where those brave boys ran up the beach under such heavy fire. There is a wonderful museum that has many objects found on the beach. They have a collection of shaving cream tubes, and I wondered how many of the men who used them to have a shave in England before they left had lived. Humbling is not the word. 34.000 men landed on the 6th June. Amazing. 

So we have more visits planned -  hopefully they will have to be cut short as we hope to hear good news about Wendy's visa. We can always come back to see our new friends the cows that live almost in our back garden. Love Normandy.

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