Monday, 7 September 2009

Mont St Michel.

Today we went to Mont St Michel. The guide books do not do it justice. It rises out of the sand in front of you as you arrive in the car park. Once within the walls, you are faced with shops and restaurants lining tiny alleyways. We decided to have a quick lunch in one called "La Vielle Auberge". There was a terrace with views of the sea (in our case sand,as the tide was out). We chose two local pancakes and two beers. There was some shock on my part as the beer was 8€50 for a 50cl glass. This was domestic beer, 1664. How they can warrant charging this amount beats me. Anyway the food arrived, luke warm. But as we were both quite hungry,it was woofed down. Then after paying we left, Wendy on noticing a French couple viewing the menu told them in perfect French " I would not eat here, it's over priced, and not worth it" That's my Wendy. After our nosh we started the walk up the steps to the abbey. As it was quite hot, we were both puffing by the time we reached the ticket office. Once in the abbey everything else melts away. The atmosphere is magical and the views quite wonderful. A great afternoon out.
Just wish we could have waited around for the tide to come in, but I don't think Saaby would have enjoyed being covered in salt water.... This is a picture of me showing signs of good French living already, more chins than a Chinese phonebook........

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