Friday, 6 June 2008

To B&B or not to B&B that is the question..............

We have looked at a couple of B&B's that are for sale. We were impressed with what you get for your money.

The problem is that everyone we talk to about our plans of taking on a B&B get a smile on their face and starts to nod their head. Then comes the same comment, 'It's a tough way to make a living, you will need something else to top up your income'. Then the next thing they say is 'You seem to spend most of your time making beds and cleaning'.

So now we are in a bit of a tricky position. We have been looking at running a B&B through rose coloured glasses, a glass of wine on a terrace with nice people who pay you, then leave.

Not quite like that. Opps.

I have my thinking hat on, but it is not working.

I mean't to tell you a while ago about something that happend when the money from the flat went into my bank account. I got a phone call from my new 'personal private bank manager' she called to say thank you for banking with them,and that they do value me as a client. I laughed and said tongue in cheek that I had banked with them since I was fourteen, and this was the first 'nice' phone call that I had ever got from them. To her credit she did laugh as well. Then again I suppose she had to.

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