Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Where have thay all gone ?.

We went into the west end this afternoon. When we were on the tube I thought to myself when we are walking around today, I will count the number of policemen I see. Well, maths has never been my strong point, as my old teacher would tell you. But during the whole afternoon in the very centre of the capital city I saw one, yes one policeman. He was viewed from the top deck of a 22 bus coming out of Tesco metro clutching a carrier bag with a sandwich and a can of coke in it.
So that was about two and a half hours walking around and the first one I saw was when we were very nearly home. Can this be correct ?. Our Mayor keeps telling us that there are double the number of officers on the streets, well where the f**k are they ?. Perhaps they were all in Sainsbury's...............

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