Thursday, 31 January 2008


Following on from my rant about the lack of policemen on the beat, I got to thinking about how things have changed in this country of ours. Here are some things that have come into my mind.

Doctors. I remember when you would wake up, feel a bit queer, get dressed go to the doctor's and sit in the waiting room. A lady would come out and call your name. You would go in and see the doctor and be out in no time at all. Now you call, and make an appointment for three weeks time when you will either be better or dead.

Then there are shops. I know that the mantra of modern times is ' We are so lucky to have supermarkets, everything under one roof '. But are we ?I remember going shopping with my Mum and my Nan down Wandsworth Bridge Rd to all the little shops. The butchers, the bakers the candlestick makers. They all knew you. They seemed more like friends. And they cared about what they sold. Seasonal food, no strawberries in December.

Then there is our transport system. Buses. They used to have conductors and you could jump on and off where you wanted. Now you have to have an Osyter card or pay double the fare. And you are only let off at the bus stop, when the doors open. Health and safety you see. I was jumping off of Routemasters from the age of about seven. I did slip over a few times, but I did not suffer any permanent harm.

Then there was the tube. There were guards who travelled at the back of the train and opened and shut the doors. They have gone. And now there are gangs that ' steam ' through the train robbing people between stations and then jumping off once they are done.

Finally, hospitals. I remember when I went to visit people when I was young. There was a matron sitting at a table in the middle of the ward. The wards were immaculate, they were shiny. They were also single sex. Now the wards are filthy and they put you however they want in any ward. You can have an old man next to a young girl or vice versa. Shameful.

There are many more changes, that in my mind or for the worse and not for the better.

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