Saturday, 14 July 2007

Just a thought.......

Whilst waiting at the security checks
at Luton International Airport. I was
taken with by the fact that we are still
not allowed to take liquids or pastes on
in our hand baggage. No perfume, toothpaste
or even lip balm.

Now I have not checked out any mad mullah
web sites, but if someone is dead set on getting
on an aeroplane and blowing it up what is to
stop him filling a phile with the mixture he
needs and slipping it up his "Gary Glitter"?.

Then once airbourne into the loo, and hey presto
seventy virgins are all his.

It's a load of tosh this security, and what happens
to all the stuff they take ?.

Wendy bought my Mum a pot of mustard in Dijon, I had
to leave it with her as I would not be allowed to take
it on the plane.

So if you see someone walking funny next time you catch
a plane, he may have one of these.......

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