Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Chances are......

I was walking up Queens Gate today. Coming towards me
was an old friend who I had not seen for a little
while. I shouted and caught his attention and he
pulled over. The last time I saw him we had coffee
in Leicester Square. On that occasion he was a bit
down in the mouth about the future.This was about
three months ago.

"So how are things ?" I asked. Waiting for the reply
with crossed fingers, hoping that he would not start
on again just how bad things had gotten.

"O I am writing a screenplay with (famous actor) and
(famous musician) is doing the music". "We are a
third of the way through and will be going to LA in
about a month for some meetings.

Just goes to show that life is a weird old thing.
One minute you are in Starbucks having a latte and
moaning, next thing your know,you're at your apple
knocking out a film.

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