Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Awlright Guvnor ?..............

Having done a post about my Grandad a couple
of days ago, got me to thinking of what he taught

He was not a man who had an education. But he was
very wise. All he learnt was on the streets. A
very good university. He always watched his money.
Not because he was mean, he just did not have much.
He used to say to me" If you can't afford it, you
ain't meant to have it".

Something else he taught me was rhyming slang. It
was wonderful talking with him because he could go
on for minutes at a time just in slang.
As I am sure you will know you only say the first
word of the rhyme not the second, this just shows
the bearer to be a fake, something that always makes
me smile.

Here are some that I still use in everyday life to
do with parts of the body :

Bacon & Eggs = Legs
Chalk Farms = Arms
Newington Butts = Guts
German Bands = Hands
Train Wreck = Neck
I suppose = Nose ( Said I sa )
Hampstead Heath = Teeth
Mince Pies = Eyes
Bottles of Beer = Ear
Plates of Meat = Feet
Boat Race = Face
North & South = Mouth
Bottle & Glass = Arse
Barnet Fair = Hair
Loaf of Bread = Head

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