Friday, 9 March 2007

Where do you want the bath ?.

Well John The Polish plummer turned up this morning, and we had to go through everything again that we discussed on Wednesday. Why don't people take notes ?. To hear the question " Where do you want the bath ?" just two days after you have spent over fifteen minutes taking about it is a right royal pain. Anyway he is here, and that is the main thing. I have to go to the
bank and get another wedge of cash. Run the gauntlet of the bank cashier, although she has seen me for years and I have been taking the cash out for the last four weeks, she will study my passport and driving licence, and go and check with her manager. They will both look across the office at me, and then both look at the passport. I will smile a nervous smile wondering if I am still who I claim to be. Most disconserting. Then she will come back and say it is ok. Whew, they are going to let me have my money !.


AFC 30K said...

I work in construction and it is just typical - at least he asked! However, don't expact the bath to be where you asked for it as there will be some amazing reason why they couldn't put it where you agreed.

I had to put here because.....

Builders - you gotta love 'em

martin said...

It would not surprise me if the bath ended up out on the roof. Now we are turning the toilet around and there has to be a new wall built, and now we do need a saniflow........ o well as soon as it's finished it will be off to the coast, so whatever they do, as long as it's done quick.