Wednesday, 14 March 2007


The new boiler has gone in. The shower valves are poking thru the wall as are the heated towel rails. It's like sitting on a tea tray on top of everest and pushing off, things are going so fast. An aside, I was walking past Waitrose yesterday lunchtime and fancied a sandwich. Found a rather nice looking chicken salad on brown and walked to join the queue at the fast check out.
This is a seperate till by the sandwiches that should speed things up. Every person ahead of me in the line used a credit card to pay... £3.10 etc, chip and pin, receipt printing. What has happened to cash ?. At the very least to buy your sandwich !.


Wendz said...

Gosh one would think that bank fees would put people off from tiny card we usually have a minimum amount - somewhere around 15 euros.

Hope the sarnie was good...could kill for real food at the mo.

martin said...

I would kill to get it for you............x