Saturday, 10 October 2009

How times change......

First of all many thanks for your good wishes about the wedding. I can't get into my comments to answer, I forget the password, must be age.

I watched a docudrama on BBC3 called 'Micro Men' it was about Sir Clive Sinclair and how he lead the way in home computers before anyone else. I forgot that he made the first calculator and the first digital watch. And the first small screen TV. What a guy. It was a good account of the conflict that took place between him and Acorn computers which was started by a former employee, they went on to win the BBC contract for home computers. Alexander Armstrong did a wonderful job of playing Sir Clive, while Martin Freeman proved yet again that he can play any role, as long as it's Martin Freeman. But I am off course. What was amazing was the actual machines that were being sold. I remember having a Sinclair Spectrum and having to plug it into a TV and hook up a cassette machine to load the programs. And then fighting to get anything to work.

How things have changed it such a short time. This morning I was laying in bed looking at a square in Narbonne France through a camera that I was controlling by my Iphone. Zooming in to see people having coffee in a cafe in the south of France. And then looking at guys loading luggage onto a plane at Stuttgart airport. We owe those pioneers of computers alot.

His latest invention is a folding bike see it here.

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