Sunday, 13 September 2009


The last couple of days we have been relaxed for the first time in months. Waiting on the visa has been a royal pain up the bum. But that is now over and we can move on. At last. We thought that we would go somewhere nice. Wendy has wanted to visit Dinan for a long time, there is a shop there she wanted to see. So off we set. It's in Brittany, about fifty minutes drive from our house.

When we arrived. We got lost, that naughty sat nav, or is it me not listening to what she says? Wendy would say the latter. We did find the parking in the end, after going around tha same roundabout three times. It was lunchtime so we had a very nice meal, before starting off into the old town. The vibe of the town is quite fantastic, like London, Brighton and Pezenas all rolled into one. The shops sell beautiful fabrics and objects, and the fashion shops have great stock.

There was one shop that Wendy wanted to visit so we headed off there. It is a tiny shop that sells buttons and trimmings called Fleur de Lin et Bouton d'or. Wendy was in heaven, as I walked up and down and up and down the street outside. The lady that owns the shop speaks wonderful English, and even had a little joke with me. Buttons and ribbons were bought and there were smiles all round.

This was posted up in a shop window. Wow.

We noticed that there was a river, on a map of the town, so we had a walk down a very steep hill to have a look. There we saw that there was a boat trip along the river showing historic sites. I really wanted to go, so Wendy gave in and we hopped onboard. It was lovely to sit and listen to the man tell us about all the history. After a while he realised that we were the only English speaking people onboard so he came and sat behind us and gave our own personal guide.

We have often talked about having a second home in France, and where it would be. Should it be up near the boys around Colmar or down south near Montpellier ?. Well we have both decided that it will be here in Dinan. It is about seven hours from Sussex and just the most amazing place. So we will be back.

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