Sunday, 19 April 2009


O dear, the post did not go up... nothing interesting. I did it on my phone, trying to be all 21st century. Anyway, I took my Mum back up to Fulham (she had been down to stay for a week).

The sun was out and all the pubs were spilling out on to the pavement, all the blokes in Gingham shirts and shorts and signet rings, the girls with sunglasses in their hair. The pub that my family used for about seventy five years in now a gastropub, the Princes go there for a nibble. My Grandad used to say "If someone came in and pissed up the bar, you would think they were the decorators". Times change. I got Mum settled and thought that I would take a drive up King's Road. If there is anything I miss,it is this road. Pretty girls,classic cars and cool shops. Past Harrod's and back over Wandsworth Bridge and home. A glass of cider in the garden with a pork pie. Both bought from the excellent shop at Middle Farm. As I have said before 'Nice to be home'.

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