Saturday, 3 January 2009

Where ?.

Where did that go?. The time flew by. The boys seemed to have fun and enjoy an English Christmas. We decided to take them to Toys R Us in Hove so they could chose three things that they would like and then we would nip back in and get one of their selection. As it worked out all three were bought, so that was a bigger surprise. While there I went into Comet to look at plasma televisions, and as I was walking down the aisle bumped into an old friend that I used to buy things from in a past life. Small world. He insisted that he was going to text me that very morning........

The boys went back to France on the 29th. That meant another 4.45am start for all of us. Both Wendy and myself have had the bug this Christmas, so getting out of a snug bed was even more unbearable. I went back with them and spent the day sleeping in Basel airport. I would have gone into town, but it was minus three and I felt rough. So just nine hours snoozing and walking around the environs of Basel airport.

The house move is coming along. Yesterday we went out and bought two new beds, ours and one for the guest room. My research continues into plasmas. I think we will be getting a 40" Samsung, does anyone know if these are ok ?.

Anyway enough whittering...... Happy happy new year to you all.

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