Thursday, 15 January 2009

Catch up.......

Time really does fly. I have been busy getting all my stuff out of storage. I had forgotten just how many boxes I had. The storage charges had gone through the roof, so I had to get them out as soon as possible. While we we were walking to Asda through the harbour, I noticed a van with the slogan on the side ' Vanman - no job too small from £15 per hour'. I noted the number and on my return to the flat called him. I explained what I wanted to do and when I would like to do it, and if he would be available. His answer ? ' Could you call me back later as I have not got my diary with me ?'. I asked if my number had come up on his phone, 'yes' he said. Then can you call me back when you have looked at your diary ?. 'I would rather you call me back' was his reply. I did not call him back. I rented a van and did it myself, with of course the help of Wendy.

In a previous post I mentioned that we had been to Rye and bought some beds. They were due to be delivered on the following Monday at 10am. We got ready and were on our way to the house to meet the chap. My phone rang and the bed chap asks if he can now deliver at 4.30pm as it has snowed and he has more things to do in between now and 4.30. I was shocked to say the very least. I told him not to bother coming at all. He was quite shocked that I did not roll over and say 'yes please come, we will rearrange our day around you, and give you a cheque for thousands of pounds and a cup of tea'. My new years resolution is not to take crap from people selling me something. If they screw up, the deal is off. They need me more than I need them.

At the end of the call he just kept saying 'so you don't want me to come over ?'. I don't think that it had happened to him before. Anyway we went and bought a bed from a large chain. They said they would call with a time slot on the day, they did, and they arrived right in the middle of their stated time. Perfect.

And we have ordered a great sofa from DFS. We never thought that we would, as we are so bored with their tv ad. But they did a fantastic deal on a very classic sofa, chair and stool, with two sets of covers. It will arrive in five weeks. next the tv..............and broadband.

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