Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Wow away so long.......

I have not done a post for ages. Not that this a great loss to the world, but I thought that I would have a go at 'getting one out' as they say.

The purchase of the house moves on at a pace. I should be signing the contracts and fixing an exchange date by the end of this week. I have gone through some shaky times thinking 'Is this the right house, did we do it too quickly ?'. Wendy always puts me right and my Mum Loves it so that's that. I went up to London last week, and it was very strange to be up on top of a 22 going up King's Road. I knew I was back in London when I saw Theo Paphitis in his car as I came out of the station. He is on Dragon's Den incase you don't know who he is. He also owns Ryman's the stationers. His number plate is R4MAN. Then from the bus I saw Eric Clapton eating noodles for lunch. The restaurant is just around the corner from his house in Chelsea.
I went into the West End, and saw the great Christmas decorations in Carnaby Street.

My journey took me to my old job, and it was so weird to be there and not be involved anymore. Everyone was lovely and took me around showing me all the changes. Then to Victoria to get the train back to Eastbourne. So cool to get off the train and drive along the coast and see the lights all reflected on the sea. I do miss London, but I like to call this home now.

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