Saturday, 29 November 2008


Yesterday morning we went to a farmer's market in Brede. It is held in the village hall and there are various stalls that sell a nice range of things, from fresh baked bread to fudge. It has such a nice vibe, there is a hatch where tea and cake is sold from. We had a lovely cup of tea and a slice of Victoria sponge. Then the vicar turned up to have a look around and a chat. The whole thing was very English. We bought some home made sausage rolls and a very nice quiche.

Then we dropped into MFI a furniture store that has gone bust. We had been in the previous week and had seen a nice kitchen that we thought would be nice in the new house. Now they are selling everything off at a third of the price. We thought hard about taking a chance of buying the display kitchen, but as we seem to be no nearer getting into the house ( lawyers obtain sexual gratification by their own hands ) we have no where to put it. It is mad though the way people were coming into the shop buying items and ripping them out and putting them into a van and driving off, leaving piles of plaster and hanging skirting boards in the display.

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