Monday, 3 November 2008


Our trip to London went well. Apart from the fact that we dashed to Cooden Beach Station only to find out that the train was cancelled and we had a forty minute wait. The train arrived and instead of a straight through journey we had to change, so we got to London too late for the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. We made our way instead to The Science Museum in South Kensington. Man, the queues, they went around the block. Half term, one of the things that I have never had to think of before. Well another plan bites the dust. We had met up with my Mum, so she could met the boys and we decided to go and have a coffee and then wander around Harrod's. This seemed to be a success all around, but pangs of hunger were showing. On to the tube and a short ride to Leicester Square and out and around the corner to Ed's Easy Diner for a fantastic hamburger, the service was slow, but well worth the wait.After lunch we headed off for Hamley's, this I can say without fear of contradiction was a success. We melted in the crowds of people on every floor. Such fun. As a little treat while we were in town I went to The Apple Store to have a look at the new range of cool are they ?. Ice cold. I told Wendy that this should be top of my Christmas gift list.

We said good bye to my Mum, who was looking a little tired and started to walk to The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, this was closed so off for a hot drink in Pret a Manger.

A short bus ride on an 11 to Victoria saw us start the wait for the train back. As we were on cheap day returns we could not travel before 7.45. The regulgar price of the tickets worked out at over £ cost me £69 pound to fly to Basle and bring the boys back.

Anyway the train was packed, we managed to all get seats dotted around. Wendy was lucky enough to sit opposite a vicar with a huge penis that was laying down his leg. I wondered why she would laugh every time I looked at her.

Finally we were back at Cooden and in the car on the way home. A long day, but fun.

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