Friday, 17 October 2008

What's that noise ?.

We went to see the play last night. It was very good. We knew that we were in a theatre in Eastbourne because when the play started and the audience went quite all you could hear was the whistle of hearing aids. And to end on a little rant. When we booked for the farce, we did it on the interweb. I noticed that there was a £2 handling charge. So this time I said to Wendy that we would go into the box office and buy them directly when we were in town. So yesterday we made our way there and I bought the tickets and the girl said 'There is a charge of £1.50 if you use a debit card'. I asked if they charge to take a cheque, and she replied 'no'. So, if you give them a piece of paper, that they have to enter into a paying in book, get to the bank, queue and then get back to work it is free. But paying and getting the money transfered into your account while sitting in the little box, costs £1.50. Madness...............

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