Monday, 29 September 2008

Things that I have missed............

Well, we are settling in. We have, as I said, been shopping. I ran to the pork pie and sausage roll section, loading the basket. Then some Branston pickle and a two litre bottle of full fat milk. When we got home we had a pork pie with that was nice.

This morning we went into Eastbourne and something else that we have missed raised it's head - looking around bookshops. What a wonderful feeling, seeing row after row of books, all in English.

We have also got proper internet, via BT. It is a service for the yacht owners in the marina. It's great, no cables, just WiFi into the flat and it costs around £40 a month, which is not bad for a one-off short contract.

We have a busy day tomorrow, viewing houses. We start at 10am and so far go through to 1pm, seeing a house every 30 min There are some very nice ones that have all been reduced. I must admit I have some butterflies in my tummy, but we think that it will be fun. We will let you know what happens. I am sure that you are on tenterhooks, waiting for the outcome................... Must go now as there is a large G&T waiting, and then sausages and mash.

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