Thursday, 28 August 2008

Coming to a close...........

We are into our final month in France. This time next month we will be setting up in Sussex. We have noticed a change in the area as August draws to a close, there are fewer cars with English number plates, and when we went down to the river for a swim, the beach was almost empty. Mind you the water was freezing!

So we are going to be slowly getting things to rights in the house, and starting to pack all our books and things that we have bought at brocantes, which are mainly beer glasses. I think that we have about twenty so far. And two vintage soda bottles, that Wendy thinks will look nice in our kitchen, when we get a house of our own.

And that brings me on to my next point, whether to buy when we get back or wait. On the BBC news this lunch time they said that house prices are falling all the time. So we are thinking even if we make an offer below asking price, that could still be too much in six months time. It is a nice position to be in without a doubt. Time will tell. We are going to wait for the first two months of our rental, just viewing houses and seeing what happens to the market. Fingers crossed.

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