Tuesday, 29 July 2008


We went swimming in the river again. There is quite a current washing down off the rocks of the rapids. You can in fact swim into the flow and not move. Wendy ventured in on her own, while we sat on our towels watching. She started off quite well but was soon swept back into the middle of a circle of French teenagers. I was rolling around on the floor watching her face as she swam through looking at all their faces and smiling. I teased her when she came out that she will do anything to seem young, even gatecrash a young French swimming party. She hit me on the head with the tube of sun screen.

Another strange thing about living here and using the beach by the river is the way the European women take their tops off at the drop of a hat. This does not happen down on the beach at Cooden in Sussex. Now I am far from being a prude, but it is rather difficult to walk up the beach and not have a glance, and assess form.

We are going again tomorrow.

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