Tuesday, 22 July 2008


We have arrived back. We left Belfort at 10.15am and arrived in Pourjol at 6.02pm. It was 13c in Belfort and 33c in Poujol. You do notice that change. I did notice this time that French drivers get very angry with you when you are in a car with English plates, they climb all over the back of your car even when there is a spare lane to overtake in. It seems to prove a point.

Also I noticed that the French police have now got plain estate cars with cameras set in the back next to the number plate, very crafty. I think that they got me, I was only going a few kilometres over so we will just have to wait and see.

Wendy has injured her foot and is on crouches. It just came out of nowhere and it is very very sore.
She is in the right place as we have Lamalou les Bains just down the road. It is famed for it's healing spas................

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