Sunday, 22 June 2008

Wild life......

There are many many differences between living here and living in London. Food, shop opening hours, even the way they drive. But now the really hot weather is here a major difference has emerged. Wildlife. I was sitting by the open window in the week and a shadow was cast as what I can only discribe as a flying quality street chocolate flew into the room. I jumped up in the air, as I never seen anything like it in my life. It did a sharp turn and flew into the wall and fell to the floor.

Being a softie I put him onto some kitchen paper and took him downstairs and laid him in the pot of lavender that is beside the front door. I forgot all about him. Then about two hours later he came back through the windows did a lap of honour, then flew back out of the window and away.

Today I went down into the garage to unlock the doors to let some air into the house, it's about 31c today. As I was doing this I noticed a bloody great big scorpion scuttering across the floor.

I cornered him and put him on some paper and ran out into the road. The little old lady that lives next door thinks we are mad already so she just looked on and smiled. It is lucky that we have some nice new rose wine in the fridge, I need a drink. Lets just hope that Lewis can win the French Grand Prix. And best news of all Top Gear is back tonight !.

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