Tuesday, 17 June 2008

What a long drive.......

We arrived back down south last night at about 5.30. We left Belfort at 9.15. Now that was a long drive. It rained from Lyon. No make that poured. True to form SatNav bought us back the last five miles through vineyards, we were almost washed away.

We had a good time with the boys. Bowling and burgers same old same old. Belfort does not have much to offer in the way of entertainment at the weekend. We were driving through the town to get some groceries on Saturday. We stopped at some lights outside a bar. There was a quite relaxed gentleman sitting outside. He must have noticed the UK registration plates on the car, as he started shouting out ' English English so cool !'. I raised my arm in regonition of this obviously true statement. Then he cried out ' Manchester United !'. I shouted out 'No!'. He then cried out ' Arsenal !'. I shouted 'No, Chelsea !'. He looked bemused as we drove away.

The gite we stay in is nice, small but nice. The only problems are there is only a hard bench style seat thing to sit on. Makes the bum very numb watching a football match..... and the other one is the light bulbs. I think that the lady that owns the gite must have a relative that used to supply the light bulbs to the Berlin wall, and now that that has come down he has a warehouse full of them and lets her have them cheap. They must be 1000w. There are no shades and when they are on if you happen to look at them you cannot see right for a couple of hours.

Still it is good to be back here, the sun is shining and we have just got back from the vineyard with a fresh stock of wine. And Wendy is making a peach tart for afters at supper.

And it is France v Italy tonight................ Lovely.

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