Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Still here.....................

Still here. The house has turned out to be in a ancient town way up steep cobbled streets. The views are fantastic. There are the usual supermarkets and a very nice fresh produce place. The nearest town is Lamalou les Bain. This is a spa town and has quite a few sick people walking around - it is like an open air hospital. Today we have come into Montpellier. What a great funky city. Cool shops and places to eat, and an internet cafe. We will be putting our thinking caps on soon as to what we are going to do. Scary, there is so much. Hope you are all well, we hope to have a phone line soon, and I can plunge back into blogworld. Wendy and I are in bed watching DVD's by 9.30pm. So quiet here. No tele yet as I have to find someone to put up the dish. I found a Daily Mail in a shop just now cost 2.5 euro - still' it is a little bit of home.

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