Saturday, 5 April 2008

A surprise........

We went to Eastbourne today to put some more things into storage. One more trip should do it. After we had finished, that is me going through boxes pulling things out and shouting ' Wendy look at this, I will take this back to London '. And Wendy clearly thinking,we are here to put things in,not take them out. We went into town to look for somewhere to have a light lunch. while we were driving around we went past the pie & mash shop. It used to be in Hastings but it had to move over to Eastbourne. We decided that it was time that Wendy became a real cockney and have a plate of the finest fayre. We parked and made our way back. I love pie and mash,quite simply,if I were on death row and was asked what I wanted to eat for my last meal it would be the great P & M. We ordered, I had double pie and double mash and liquor. Wendy had single single but was not keen on the liquor, she thinks it looks like snot. So she had plain gravy instead. I was in heaven. And I think that Wendy enjoyed it too. Here are some snaps taken on my phone.

This is Wendy tucking in. ( She does have lovely hands ).

And below is mine..............uuummm more please.

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