Thursday, 17 April 2008


I got into my car this morning and started it up. There on the display was the message 'Key needs new battery '. So I thought as I am out I would pop into the Saab garage and have it changed. They really should have padded floors in parts departments, because I nearly fell over when the chap behind the counter told me how much it would cost to do the major work on my key. £23.75 plus tax that is nearly £30.00 37.44€ $59.53.

I left without the battery change. When I got in I went onto ebay and had a look. There I found a battery for £1.99 with free postage. I bought it, and they e mailed me to check that I had the right number off the battery, that's service. There can be no reason for this mad disparity in price except for plain greed. Anyway I feel better, as with the money saved I will buy us a bottle of wine, and raise a glass to ebay.

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