Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Off we jolly well go.......

Wendy and I are off at the crack of dawn tomorrow to France. It has been a while since Wendy saw her boys so we are quite excited. I went to the bank today to get some euros. I leave it until the last minute as it seems to hurt less. Anyway I gave the girl my cheque and she passed me the notes and my passport back through the drawer. And on top was my cheque. Now I must admit that my first thought was to quickly put it in my pocket and see what happens. But my Mum & Dad bought me up the right way, so I just said in a loud voice so everyone could hear ' I think you are suppose to keep this '. She went red. Then along to the foreign counter to find that the girl that does euros is out to lunch, at lunch time. I had to wait for her to return, then she did not have the keys to the safe to get the notes out !. What a show. This is the Pall Mall branch of Lloyd's.......heaven help us.

Must go now as little apple has to go into the apple store in Kingston to have her keyboard surround fixed, it seems that the magnets in the lid cause it to crack. Tat tar and have a nice week.

I know I will..........aaaaaaarrr fresh baguette.

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