Thursday, 27 March 2008

More sweets.......

Walking back from the library with Wendy we passed what is now a Starbucks, but used to be a sweet shop called Mr Casey's. I remembered something that had happen when I was young and started to tell Wendy about it. My Father went through a phase of loving lemon sherbet sweets. One day my Mother was walking home and thought that she would pop in and buy him some as she had noticed that he was running out. So in she went. 'Half a pound of lemon sherbets please Mr Casey' she said. As he looked up he replied ' Himself has just been in and got some'. My Mum thinking that he meant the last time said ' O no he's eaten all of those'. Puzzled Mr Casey measured out the amount and put them in a bag and gave them to her. When she got in she found my Dad sitting eating a fresh bag of lemon sherbets.......he must have left the shop just minutes before Mum went in. No wonder Mr Casey looked puzzled.

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