Monday, 11 February 2008

What a nice day...

Well today we met up with Z. We met at The Wallace collection. Coffee was the first order as Z had missed breakfast and needed refueling. Then a nice tour around the collection which featured lots of paintings of ladies showing off their assets and turned into a succesion of "Look what they are doing! " and " That's naughty !" and other somehwat ribald comments. Lots of fun.

Then out into the sun and onto Wagamama for some noodles. Z was most gracious and picked up the bill. We have promised to treat her to lunch when we venture up to Norfolk. (I wonder if they have Gregg's up there ? A nice steak bake.)

We walked to Bond St tube where I left Z and Wendy to go to a meeting. It was wonderful to finally met Z, a blogging legend. Maybe next time we will meet the 'Sage' as well............ fingers crossed.

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