Saturday, 2 February 2008

Strange balance......

We went to Putney today, a nice walk in the winter sun. When we got there, as we mostly always do we headed for the bookshop. Both of us love books and to prowl around looking at the new titles is a cool way to spend some time. I saw an interesting new novel about the plague in England reduced by £3 to £9.99. I put it into my memory bank to buy later in the month. Wendy bought the food doctor's new book as featured on Richard & Judy. It looks a great book, a total change in eating habits. Then over to WH Smith's for Wendy to have a look through the magazines, to see if there are any gems that she can expand on for her writing job. Then it struck me. The magazines we were looking at were around £4. How can this be ?. Over the road I had seen a thick hard back novel on sale for £9.99 and a magazine full of colour adverts is selling for almost half of that price. A puzzle. Another thing. I have noticed that the cardboard centre of loo rolls has got much bigger, so there is less paper on the roll. Is that how they put in the extra rolls for the same cost ?. And have you noticed in the sofa sale adverts how the price is said as 'three nine nine ' and the amount you save is said as ' two hundred and ninety nine pounds ' . So your brain thinks you are saving more than you are spending. Crafty bastards.

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