Saturday, 23 February 2008

Chess ?.

A while ago the person I was working for had a chess master visit from Russia. He would hang around the house untill needed for a game.
One day when I arrived he was in the kitchen. We got talking and he asked me if I played chess. I replied I had at school, but had not played for some time. I made some coffee and we went into the office. There on the desk was a new apple computer. I told him that there was a chess game on the computer and he should have a look. He was quite keen as he was getting bored. I found the game and he settled in and started to play. He beat the machine in seven minutes. He asked if it was set on the hardest game. I checked it was one off. So I changed it to the highest setting. He started playing again and beat it in five minutes !. It was quite incredible. All he said was ' That was quite tricky '. Great guy.

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