Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Money saving......

I once went out with a girl of Greek extraction.
Her family were in shipping. Her Grandfather grew
up in the same village as Onassis. They started in
business together. He was rich. I was due to meet
him. I had already met her Father and had got on quite
well with him we had a laugh. But I was told that Grandad
was just a bit more stern, did not suffer fools gladly.

I was quite nervous on the day of the lunch. He was small
and dressed like a true toff. We seemed to get on well.

Near the end of the lunch he leaned over to me and said
' I will give you one little piece of advice for the future '.
Wow I thought,he is going to tell me how to end up owning
a fleet of tankers.

He went on and said ' Don't ever throw away a tube of toothpaste
before you have cut it in half, you get at least three more uses '.

Wise words, indeed it's something I have done since that day.

In his way he did steer me to wealth, watch the pennies and the pounds
look after themselves.

The girlfriend went on to marry an Italian shipping magnate.

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