Friday, 11 January 2008


I was in Sainsbury's last night. And as I do, I
was wandering around the drinks section. You never
know when they will have a cheeky little Hungarian
white on offer. I look up and there before my eyes
was a shelf full of Guinness in bottles. My mind raced
back to when I used to go around the off licence to get
my Nan & Grandad their Guinness. They would have two
pints each night every night. I would get the treat of
an arrowroot biscuit to nibble at. I don't know what
they were made of,but one lasted about an hour.

When my Grandad went into hospital he was over the moon
to find out that they provided Guinness at night on the NHS.
It was for the iron. I think those days are long gone.

So I bought a bottle and enjoyed it enormously.

P.S. If you click on the picture you can just make out Wendy
busy typing away on a wedding article...she works too hard.

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